The Chancellor fulfills the canonical duties of this position by ensuring the documents of the curia are gathered, arranged and safeguarded in the archives, and by recording the ecclesiastical acts, decrees and dispensations issued by the Bishop (c. 482).  The Chancellor is the chief notary, chief secretary and chief archivist of the diocesan curia.  The duties of the Chancellor may also extend to assisting the Bishop and the Diocese in whatever capacity the Bishop chooses. 

Chancellors: Past and Present

Past and Present Chancellors of the Diocese of Salina

Rev. Msgr. John A. Duskie 1929 - 1946
Rev. Emil E. Sinner 1948 - 1950
Rev. Msgr. Armand Girard, JCL 1950 - 1955
Rev. Richard E. Eilert, STD 1955 - 1959
Rev. Gilbert Landoll 1959 - 1975
Rev. Msgr. James E. Hake, JCL 1976 - 2002
Rev. Msgr. Barry Brinkman, JCL 2003 - 2014
Mrs. Pamela Sullivan, JD 2014 - 2018
Rev. Keith Weber 2018 - Present 


Name Rev. Keith Weber 
Email chancellor
Phone (785) 827-8746