2019 Bishop's Annual Appeal

“Behold, how good it is, and how pleasant, where humanity dwells as one.” Psalm 133:1

Dear Friends in Christ, 

The Catholic Community Annual Appeal has been renamed the Bishop’s Annual Appeal – Call to Share. I am asking for your generosity and support as we begin this important endeavor.

It’s been great to meet so many of you throughout the Diocese of Salina. I really love being here, and feel blessed to be able to serve in this diocese. This year, after careful consideration of our needs, I am asking parishioners in our diocese to respond generously to the $1,400,000 goal we have established. I believe that, with your support and kindness, we can reach our goal.

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal will help form our seminarians to become priests, provide retirement for clergy who have faithfully served us, and offer administration and aid for our students in the 15 Catholic schools in our diocese. Nearly 90% of the funds we raise are spent in direct benefit to individuals and parishes in every corner of the diocese. The other funding will help our general administrative operations, as well as our new endeavors to establish a new communications office and focus on evangelization.

Call to Share - Donation Form

In the coming weeks, you will receive a more personal packet of information from me that invites your participation.  As you consider your gift to the Call to Share campaign I ask you to do the following: listen and learn– become more informed about what is needed, why, and where funds will be spent; pray and discuss– take time to pray about what your role should be to address the service needs of the Church, and discuss it with your family; finally, decide and act– complete and return your pledge so we can celebrate with thousands of others lending their support.

Ultimately, it is your gift – along with other families in our diocese – that will determine how we can best respond to the ongoing needs of our community and Church.

Once again, I ask for your prayerful consideration and generous support. Thank you!

In Christ’s love and service,

Most Reverend Gerald L. Vincke
Bishop of Salina

Gift Allocation



$363,000 Seminarian

Supports the education and religious formation of men preparing for the priesthood. Currently, 12 seminarians are in varying stages of formation for our diocese. Gifts help with academic study, then pastoral service during the summer months.

$325,000 Clergy Health / Retirement

Provides full retirement benefits and healthcare to 17 retired diocesan priests. Supplements healthcare coverage for 51 active priests of the diocese.

$203,000 Education

Supports the operation and provides financial aid to students in 15 Catholic schools. Assists with other educational activities of the diocese, including:

  • Youth ministry
  • Religious education for over 6800 youth
  • Adult education
  • Clergy continuing education
$313,000 Evangelization and Ministry

Assists and makes available ministries throughout the diocese including:

  • Marriage Tribunal
  • Office of Worship
  • Rural Life Ministry
  • Family Life Ministry
  • Hispanic Ministry
  • Deacon Program
$52,000 National Collections

Supports USCCB efforts to address many special needs including: Black and Indian Missions, Church in Latin America, Church in Central and Eastern Europe, Catholic University of America and Catholic Communication Campaign.

$144,000 Diocesan Operations

Supports Bishop’s office and general administration of the diocese of Salina.

Call to Share - Donation Form