Catholic Charities

    • The Need:As part of our call to extend the love and care of Christ for the most needy and at-risk in our communities, Catholic Charities serves throughout the diocese offering assistance for the poor and distressed.  This work grows more vital as other safety nets within our society continue to deteriorate and disappear.  Each year, Catholic Charities receives far more requests for help than it can provide.  Requests that when fulfilled can offer hope for those needing signs of God’s grace.
    • The Opportunity: Raise $1.25 million so Catholic Charities can better assist those in need.  One million dollars will be endowed so Charities can have a steady stream of income to provide both current services and to broaden their reach into new areas of support.  $250,000 will be used to repair and renovate Catholic Charities’ headquarters so they can operate more efficiently and offer more programs from their facilities.
  • The Benefit: When we touch those with the greatest need, we touch Christ and minister to Him.  Catholic Charities allow us to realize this mission in a deep, meaningful, and lasting way.

"Catholic Charities can step forward to meet the needs of people not met in other ways.  I see it as an arm of the Church, where individuals can have a place where there's a God-centered base that permeates whatever services are given.  Catholic Charities has had a tremendous impact and presence within the Diocese."

Sister Beth Stover
Congregation of St. Joseph, Concordia