Seminary Education

  • The Need: What a joyous development to see our largest group of seminarians in the last twenty years.  But with that blessing comes the responsibility to provide for their education and formation to the priesthood.  The average yearly cost for seminary education is $30,800.  As our numbers continue to increase, we will need additional resources to cover those costs.
  • The Opportunity: Raise $3 million in endowment to provide a steady stream of revenue for seminary costs.
  • The Benefit: A new generation of priests to serve as pastors and leaders, ensuring the stability of our parishes and the growth of our ministries and programs within the diocese.

"It is a great blessing for me to be a seminarian for the Diocese of Salina.  It is amazing to see how generous the people of the Diocese are in their prayers and in their financial support.  If I had to support myself and pay for my education as I went through the seminary, I don't know that I could do it.  I looked into a couple of religious orders when I was discerning my vocation but ultimately chose the Diocese of Salina because I feel at home here.  Ever since I have been a seminarian I have seen the Holy Spirit setting our Diocese on fire.  I look forward to being a part of that fire and one day serving the Diocese as a Priest.... I am truly blessed."

Brian Lager, Seminarian