Stewards of Hope Pastoral Plan

  • The Need: How do we best move forward as a Church in the Diocese of Salina?  How do we fulfill our call to holiness, to stewardship, to proclaim the message of the gospel Christ passes on to us?  How do we respond to the changing culture of our diocese and make the best use of new technologies and practices?  To discover answers to these questions, a new pastoral plan, Stewards of Hope, provides a guide to take us into the future with a clear vision and a defined purpose.  But to implement the plan, parishes will need resources and support not currently available at the local and diocesan level.
  • The Opportunity:  Raise $750,000 to provide the tools and training parishes need to implement the pastoral plan.  This will include expanded technology such as electronic classrooms for distance learning, new capacities at the diocesan level to provide more support directly to parishes, and the addition of new spiritual institutions such as an order of cloistered nuns to pray for the diocese, its people, and its ministries.
  • The Benefit: A clearer understanding of our lives as disciples in this place and in this time along with the encouragement and assistance to live out that understanding in a real and concrete way together as the body of Christ.

"In chapter 8:1-3 of his gospel, St. Luke tells us how Jesus 'journeyed through the towns and villages preaching and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.  The Twelve accompanied him, and also some women...and many others who were assisting them out of their means.'  This is how it started and this is how it continues to this day.  To assist the church out one's own means pays handsome dividends, not just for a long time, but for eternity.  One should not want to miss the opportunity to do so."

Fr. Norbert Dlabal, Clergy Committee
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Goodland