Creating a Parish Website

In today's highly "technology-oriented" world, a presence on the Internet is quickly becoming a "must-have."  Pope Benedict XVI has made the topic of technology a major part of his last two World Communication Day addresses.  The Vatican has recognized the role that technology plays in our day-to-day that lives that it has established the new Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization.  Pope Benedict has expressly requested that they make use of modern digital media as they do their work.

One of the most basic forms of modern digital media is an effective website.  A well thought out and designed website can be a valuable communication tool for a parish.  Couple that with a social networking presence, you have a means to quickly promote an to a large number of people.

"Open Source Catholic" is a technology blog that has some great articles on what makes an effective parish website.  Please check them out.  The first is a very informative article and the second is an excellent slide presentation with audio.

Please give me a call if have any questions regarding your parish website.