Vicar General

A Vicar General is a priest who has the executive power over the whole diocese which belongs to the diocesan bishop by law, namely, the power to place all administrative acts except those, however, which the bishop has reserved to himself or which require a special mandate of the bishop by law.  (c. 479.1)

In the Diocese of Salina, there are two Vicars General:  Fr. Fred Gatschet also serves as Rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral in Salina and Fr. Rich Daise serves as the Vicar for Clergy and is Pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in Colby.

Vicars General - Past and Present

Diocese of Salina
Vicars General - Past and Present

Name Dates Served Appointed By
Very Rev. Joseph Perrier, VG 1888 - 1891 Bishop Scannell
Rev. Msgr. John Maher, VG 1898 - 1938 Bishops Cunningham and Tief
Rev. Msgr. Richard Daly, VG 1939 - 1946 Bishop Thill
Rev. Msgr. John Duskie, VG 1946 - 1957 Bishop Thill
Rev. Msgr. Armand Girard, VG 1959 - 1983 Bishops Freking, Vogel and Kucera
Rev. Msgr. Gilbert Landoll, VG 1980 - 1983 Bishop Kucera
Very Rev. Melvin Long, VG 1983 - 1990 Bishops Kucera and Fitzsimons
Rev Msgr. James Hake, VG 1988 - Present Bishops Fitzsimons, Coakley and Weisenburger
Very Rev. Randall Weber, VG 2007 - 2013 Bishops Coakley and Weisenburger
Very Rev. Kerry Ninemire, VG 2014 - 2018 Bishop Weisenburger

Very Rev. Fred Gatschet, VG
Very Rev. Rich Daise, VG, Vicar for Clergy 

2019 - Present 

Bishop Vincke



Very Rev. Fred Gatschet

Email fred.gatschet
Phone (785) 827-8746


Very Rev. Richard Daise

Phone (785) 462-2179