Support Our Seminarians

Join us and support each of our seminarians both spiritually and materially. These men are in formation for the priesthood in the Diocese of Salina. Your spiritual and material gifts, along with the generosity of others in the diocese, will assure that dedicated men can continue studying for the priesthood and serve our diocese for years to come.

Pray for them, pray for vocations in our diocese, and say the rosary for vocations along with our Bishop and others in the diocese.

Consider a gift to support the education of these future priests. The Salina Diocese funds the seminary education of these men. Will you help us provide an education for our future priests? Click the button below to make a contribution to the Seminarian Education Fund.

Office of Vocations

 Has God stopped Calling?

No, more accurately, with all that the world has to offer, we get distracted and rather than a shortage of calls, we run into the problem of a shortage of young people willing to listen to the call.



The Office of Vocations for the Diocese of Salina has as its main purpose to help young people…

  • Realize they each have a unique vocation (calling).
  • Recognize that true happiness in life comes through answering God’s call.
  • Give them tools to find and follow their Vocation.

Father Gale - On the Road


Name Rev. Gale
Email vocations
Phone (785) 827-8746
(785) 539-7496


Name Rev. Kevin Weber
Phone (785) 827-8746
(785) 827-5575


Name Rick Binder
Email rick.binder
Phone (785) 827-8746